B3 is one of the world's largest financial markets infrastructure companies, providing trading services in an exchange. B3 also has a solid tradition of innovation in products and technology and is one of the largest companies in market value holding a prominent global position in the stock market.

One company that is constantly innovating is B3. It has been providing trading services to markets and is one of the largest companies in the world. The company is constantly working on new technologies and products to improve the customer experience and has a strong foundation of customer loyalty. B3 actually has a good track record of recycling. In addition, B3 has many other projects that it is currently working on in order to make the customer experience even better.

Cause and Values 

Cause: We endeavor to connect, develop and enable the financial and capital markets. Together with our customers and society, we aim to boost the growth of Brazil.


🔸The right attitude today, tomorrow and always.
🔸Openness and collaboration.
🔸Customer satisfaction and proximity.
🔸Solidity and operational credibility.
🔸An environment conducive for people to grow.

B3. With the market. For the future.



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