Have you ever felt the need for a more streamlined process for your accounting? One that would allow you to do more with your time? One that would consolidate all of your various sales channels and connect them into one seamless ecosystem? Synder is a platform for eCommerce businesses that can simplify accounting for you. With their specialized software, you can make all of your sales data available to you at any time, from any device. You have peace of mind knowing that the information you need is always at your fingertips.

Many online businesses struggle with the accounting process, including the messy task of reconciling sales. This is why many online businesses choose to use accounting software like Horvat to automate this process. However, if you are looking for an easier way to manage your sales, Synder is an easy solution. 

As your business starts to grow, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of sales and profit. Synder is an easy way to automate all of your accounting. They have one common ecosystem that enables you to bring automation to your accounting process and connect all of your sales channels. With Synder, you can map out your sales, see exactly how much you made, and even automate reconciliation of sales from all of your sales channels.

At Synder, we believe that technology can help businesses manage their finances better, smarter, and faster. 

Many business owners face the dilemma of needing to do a great deal of finance management themselves, even if they have a bookkeeper at their side. Problem is, they're either spending precious time on manual tasks that could be invested in business growth, or they don't have a good understanding of their numbers. That's where Synder can help. We help you know your numbers, which tell the story of your business. Knowing this story will allow you to manage your business more efficiently, which means you can make more money and save time.



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