Audiense Insights is a content discovery platform that helps brands and marketers connect with their target audiences. From identifying a target audience, to understanding their key psychographics, demographics, and their content preferences, Audiense Insights uses machine learning to dig through social media data to determine what content your audience is most likely to consume. Our team is focused on providing marketers with actionable insights that they can use to make better decisions with their marketing and content. Our platform gives you the ability to identify your target audience, discover what they like, and follow them on social media to find their interests.

We take user data and insights, and maps it to your audience psychographics and demographics, personality, content they like, and sources of influence. Want to understand your audience better? Our insights can help you connect with your target audience, increase conversions, and increase your brand's reach.

Join 2000+ brands & agencies of all sizes

Our customers are marketers and insight leaders who have found social affinity data vital to their consumer understanding and personalization strategies.

Audiense Insights

The leading audience intelligence platform will help you tell stories that resonate, make data-driven creative decisions, identify insights around customers, find influencers worth partnering with, and more.

🔹Create personas and complement your consumer segmentation

🔸Provide insights on audience psychographics, demographics, content they like, and sources of influence

🔹Compare with country baselines, custom benchmarks, or competitors

🔸Compliment your Social Listening and Survey tools, along with the rest of your insights and media stack.



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