Landingpages are a great way of making your product stand out from the crowd and to capture a specific audience. However, when it comes to landingpages, the sky is the limit. You can create a gorgeous website, or you can create a landingpage that simply feeds your website. If you're in the process of building your own landingpage, you might be finding that it's taking up a lot of your time. 
This is where landing pages come in. They allow you to create a single product page on your website that contains a list of products and allows you to view the price as well as the shipping and handling charges. You can also add products to your shopping cart or remove them and update the list of products accordingly. 

You don't have to be an expert in the field of marketing or design to create a solid looking product landing page to promote your product, you can use a template that has been created for you.

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