Reggae is a genre of Jamaican music that originated from mento, a local folk music style of the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Reggae music was created in the late 1950s by Jamaican immigrants working in Kingston's Plessey's Studio 1. The genre later spread to other Caribbean countries and subsequently to countries in Africa, Europe, North America, and other parts of the world through each continent's respective diasporas and the music's international appeal. Reggae is typically characterized as having roots in other genres like ska, rocksteady and R&B.
1. What is Female Reggae of GanjaGyals all about??
Female Reggae is a favorite reggae genre that producer Mr. Martins Ate or zHustlers is working at. Originated in Jamaica in the late 70s the genre has since gone global, with numerous artists from countries like Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and more. Female Reggae is about female empowerment and the lyrics are often about love and life. Female Reggae is a genre with a strong message and is a great way to get into Reggae music. The Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae Collection 6 is out now. It contains a collection of 15 tracks from top 5 Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae artists from around the world.
2. What Reggae Artists are covered in this album?
This album contains artists such as eLouise, Fatima Ezzahra, Jo Elle, Ghada Yaich and Didi Jade each with her own unique expression of LOne Love towards Jah with most of the texts taken inspiration from Sir Edwin Arnold's beautiful poetry.
3. About this Reggae Music
The Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae Collection 6 is the sixth installment in the music series by Black Sea Records under corporation with GanjaGyals production. This music is a nice collection of some well-known Ganja Gyals reggae artists. The songs are all upbeat and will make you want to dance. The songs are also very catchy and have a nice beat to them. This music is perfect for listening to while doing homework or during a workout.
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