Ultra Fast & Reliable - Instant Transactions - The smart contract is used for fund management protocol from Crypto Exchange connected to Financial markets (Stock, FX, Futures).

Highly Scalable- Limitless Financial Markets. AutoCopyX technology on Cloud is used for copy trading by global investors from FX bridging Futures and used for scale-up to Hedge fund Robotics (Stock, FX, Futures, Crypto Robot).

Automated Earning-Profit Sharing / Staking Reward Pool/Passive Generator - In- house R&D autopilot (Stock, FX, Futures, Crypto Robot)using AI/ML, which dynamically adapt to the market

Get a 2% redistribution fee to holders every time a transaction occurs automatically and without the need for staking.

Get Profit Sharing and Dividend by Staking (Annual Percentage Yield, APY), expected 15-30% APY and APR distribution by Monthly.

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