The Launchpad session for PolarBear starts today on P2PB2B.
You can buy PBX tokens with USD, USDT.
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PolarBear X DeFi Robotics is Algorithmic trading and Quantitative trading ecosystem in Stock, Mutual Funds, FX, Futures, and Cryptocurrency Market based on Artificial Intelligence.

Polar Bear X DeFi Robotics token is at the core of the ecosystem, consists of AlgoQuant Lab, Social ROBO Investing Platform, Hedge fund Robotics, DeFi ROBObank, and RoboticsX Capital.
 JumpStart China -Overseas Elite Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2021 - Top 6 Finalist, Oct2021
 SLINGSHOT 2021-Deeptech Startup Pitching Competition Singapore, Top 1,000 Global Startup, Sep2021
Huawei Spark Ignite 2021 - Thailand Startup Competition, Top 10 Finalist, Sep2021

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