Refresh your wardrobe with a piece from our gorgeous ready-to-wear collection, featuring beautifully crafted dresses, jackets, skirts, tops and trousers. Delmondo designer house produces not just clothes, but top quality clothes with style handcrafted from top quality natural materials! New season, new wardrobe. Look at our new wardrobe suggestions for Spring Summer 2021.

The secret of Delmondo Clothing success story lies in making designer clothing telling the story of each persons soul. As a chief designer of Delmondo Miro says: The great style is a mark of the strong. This is why our mission is to dress you in clothes, which would not just prove your elegance, but will tell the story of your soul. The elegance that we put in our clothes aims to bring accent on your body, and the materials our clothes are made of the highest quality Italian textile - cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, linen. Our clothes are not just our second skin, they are the first impression of people about us. We love to improvise, bring action, urge, emotion, spirit, adventure, and style into our brand.

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